Time Flies - Museum Quality Giclee

Ann Salk Rosenberg

In Time Flies, a flying carpet carrying a clock is whizzing across the horizon. The hands on the clock are stretched out and collide with the hands of a second clock that is rising vertically. A third clock is just starting its orbit and adds another dimension to the fray.

Concurrently, a figure is tucked into a spaceship that is levitating higher and higher while spinning and churning faster and faster. Her eyes are open wide and her cheeks are flushed as she gets caught up in the air jetty created by the increasing speed.

Time is simply flying—fast and every which way.


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Proprietary Materials & Technology -  We use certified eco-friendly latex inks coupled with white polyester/cotton blend artist stretch canvas featuring a subtle textured surface and matte finish allowing us to produce the highest-quality canvas any where in the world!  Our Giclee's are museum quality prints which are  archival, 100% Rag, and acid free. All our giclee prints and canvas prints are designed and printed in the USA!