Artist Statement

My paintings are large, bold narratives. I use vibrant colors, geometric shapes and a touch of humor to reflect my joyous spirit, celebrate my creativity and inhale the glorious fullness of life. I seek to spark an emotional reaction in the viewer that changes and deepens each time he or she looks at my paintings. I love to hear people say things like, “You really know how I feel.” “Your work pulls me in and speaks to me.” and “Every time I look at one of your paintings, I see something new.” The inspiration for each painting comes from a place deep inside and gets channeled through my brush onto my canvas. The strokes come together and create a lyrical story. Sometimes the story is from my own history, but often it is simply one drawn from our collective consciousness. It is as if I start the process by accessing and then painting our universal memories, experiences and lessons. You, the viewer, then take up the story and it becomes your own. At this time, I am presenting six series:

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