About My Paintings

My paintings are large, bold narratives. I use vibrant colors, geometric shapes and a touch of humor to reflect my joyous spirit, celebrate my creativity and inhale the glorious fullness of life. I seek to spark an emotional reaction in the viewer that changes and deepens each time he or she looks at my painting. I love to hear people say things like, “You really know how I feel.” Your work pulls me in and speaks to me.” and “Every time I look at one of your paintings, I see something new.”

The inspiration for each painting comes from a place deep inside and gets channeled through my brush onto my canvas. The strokes come together and create a lyrical story. Sometimes the story is from my own history, but often it is simply one drawn from our collective consciousness. It is as if I start the process by accessing and then painting our universal memories, experiences, and lessons. You, the viewer, then take up the story and it becomes your own.

About My Process:

I paint on heavy medium tooth canvas that has been primed with three coats of gesso. The canvas is gallery wrapped. I draw with a watercolor pencil. I paint with Golden Heavy Body Acrylic Paint. I seal the finished painting with two coats of diluted semi-gloss Golden Gel. 

I like to paint the old-fashioned way. Brushes, paint and dirty hands. My apron can now stand up on its own!

An idea may germinate for minutes, weeks or months. Once I commit to it I do a QUICK sketch. One or two minutes.

I then draw the figure and the face very quickly as a guide. Nothing ever is cut in stone until the painting tells me it is complete. I paint the piece quickly not worrying about paint coverage or perfect lines. I paint starting with the face and body than I add to the design. The design grows from the body without any preconceived ideas on my part. I paint the entire painting at least four times. I become a perfectionist as the work progresses.

If the piece is entirely geometric I do the same thing. I have a starting point somewhere in the middle and the painting grows from there.

Some paintings are busy and some quiet. Each painting tells me when it is done. I work in a zone other than conscious thought. The brush seems to have a life of its own as the design grows. I use a ruler to draw the straight lines but do not use it or tape as a guide to paint. There are no tape or painting guides used in my process other than pencil marks and my eye.

If I work steadily the complete painting is done and sealed in two to six months.