Art and the cost of living in the 1950's

by Ann Salk Rosenberg January 05, 2018

As a child I loved art.

It was an escape from a tumultuous household. I remember taking classes from my friend Carol’s mother. I refused to sell as my work...

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Stories from the life of a colorful artist

by Ann Salk Rosenberg December 05, 2017

Why I am blogging

I am starting a blog because so many of you have asked me for my story. I am going to take you into my life and the way I paint and the wild way I dress and live.

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StillPoint Art Gallery Blog

by Ann Salk Rosenberg September 15, 2017

Ann Salk Rosenberg's paintings made me stop...

and say "WOW!" "Where did this come from?" Meaning...from where in a person do paintings like this come?

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